Tokyo Mapping Show

When visiting Tokyo for the first time, it’s a must to lose yourself in the sprawling Shinjuku district at dusk and discover its strident, dazzling, neon-filled urban jungle that never sleeps. Shinjuku, one of the twenty-three districts of the Japanese capital, has become mythical since Sofia Coppola’s film Lost in Translation immortalized it twenty years ago.

Art at the time of Palestine

Since the war between Palestine and Israel began on 7 October 2023, the catastrophic humanitarian situation unfolding before the eyes of the world has been unprecedented. The death toll (more than 30,000 people, half of them children), the wounded, the hostages, the displaced people, the fear of a new Nakba and the plight of civilians lacking everything, all add up to a heavy toll. The entire regional balance has been upset once again, with the Israeli and Palestinian peoples prisoners of their extremist leaders. We are also witnessing a global split in debates, an upsurge in anti-Semitic acts throughout the world, and a divide between the Western world and the Global South. So how can we avoid an inexorable escalation despite international condemnation? Who can stop the ongoing massacre in the Middle East? The shockwaves of war between Israel and Hamas have spread around the world. Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli demonstrations are multiplying here and there, particularly in universities. More and more people are calling for a ceasefire, a truce or, at the very least, a humanitarian pause.

The long and mysterious journey of Bélizaire

Bélizaire and the Frey children is a work dated 1837 and attributed to the French-American neoclassical painter and portraitist Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans (1801-1888), who worked in New Orleans between the 1830s and 1850s and was popular with the local elite. The painting depicts, from left to right, Léontine, Elisabeth and Frédéric, the children of Frédérick Frey, a German-born banker and merchant who lived in a mansion in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and Colette Coralie Favre D’Aunoy, a member of an illustrious family in the city dating back to the colonial era (1507-1773).

What is an architectural curator?

A curator can work on many different scales, but what is common is a careful selection of exhibiting and explaining concepts in a world of excess with absolute care and concern. According to experienced curators, curating today goes far beyond traditional art exhibitions to include forms of cultural events and platforms.  The practice of architecture […]