What is an architectural curator?

A curator can work on many different scales, but what is common is a careful selection of exhibiting and explaining concepts in a world of excess with absolute care and concern.

According to experienced curators, curating today goes far beyond traditional art exhibitions to include forms of cultural events and platforms. 

The practice of architecture extends outside its boundaries, sometimes becoming curation and vice versa. This new-age multidisciplinary view refers to an architect’s involvement in different fields, from urban planning, landscape design, writing, curating and roles that go far beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture.

Today, curating can be seen as a way of constructing narratives. Based on Bhaskar’s understanding of the world of excess, curation can be understood as a channel for telling meaningful stories to the masses. Through careful curation, its role can be to shape how humans contextualise stories. Moreover, the practice can give value to otherwise neglected stories or shed light on parts of cultures that have not been told with care.

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