Reverse futurism explored by Kenyan architecture studio

Cave_bureau is a Kenyan architecture studio that is in the spotlight at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, with the exhibition exploring the country’s volcanic caves and emphasising the concept of ‘reverse futurism’. Cave_bureau believes that by looking to the past, it can develop sustainable solutions for the future.

The work takes visitors on a journey back in time, starting millions of years ago when the landscapes shaped the origins of humanity. It then progresses through critical historical events that have contributed to the current era. Finally, it focuses on the Anthropocene, the current geological age defined by the visible impact of human activities on the environment.
Cave_bureau draws inspiration from the ancient volcanic caves close to Nairobi, which have considerable historical significance for Kenya. Early hominids lived in these caverns, and, during the colonial era, East African slaves and freedom fighters used them as a means of transportation. They also record significant turning points in the planet’s transition to the Anthropocene.
According to Cave_bureau, future architecture must be built on a comprehensive understanding of geology as it continues to shape our planet.

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