Emilio Alarcón’s digital work reimagines interurban mobility

Emilio Alarcón’s Greenhouse Buses project aims to transform intercity mobility by turning electric buses into mobile greenhouses, tackling the challenges of global warming and the lack of green spaces in cities. 

The digital art series proposes using the space available on the buses to grow plants, shrubs and small trees, and converting them into travelling oases in the middle of urban environments. The project is achieved through a careful iterative process using the popular Midjourney artificial intelligence platform.

The closed structures of the buses allow for a controlled environment similar to that of a greenhouse, as sunlight can penetrate through transparent or translucent bubbles made of materials such as glass, Teflon ethylene or polycarbonate, providing plants with the necessary amount of light for photosynthesis. Technical considerations play an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of greenhouse buses. Adequate ventilation systems are essential to regulate temperature and humidity, preventing the build-up of heat and moisture that could negatively impact plant growth. Anchoring systems are also needed to secure the plants to the bus body or structure, guaranteeing safety and minimising vibration problems.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal and the creation of green spaces in cities, greenhouse buses have the potential to reduce environmental impact, shares the multidisciplinary creative. Increased vegetation helps absorb carbon dioxide and improves air quality.

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