Cooperativa Musical: the new Mozambican alternative music platform

Mozambican curators, music producers and cultural managers have come together to boost the production and visibility of local alternative music, in an innovative project that creates a digital platform that makes music available openly.

The initiative, called Cooperativa Musical, has just been launched in Maputo and already has four EPs – “extended play” – with music produced exclusively for the platform, featuring four Mozambican artists, Silke, Matchume Zango, Nadir Taquidir and Pizzawpineapples, who was the headline act, performing live at the launch event at the Fernando Leite Couto Foundation on 30 November.

The platform presents itself as a space to promote alternative artists and distribute their products, giving them access to recording studios, mentoring, the launch of new products and exposure to the world. 

In this first phase, a total of 10 EPs are planned to be produced and made available, the releases of which will always be through shows to provide the public with striking alternative sensations and experiences that instigate discoveries of music with a different aesthetic. 

Cooperativa Musical believes that for a solid development of the music market, our country needs new means of distribution and young talents need more opportunities to work with experienced producers.

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