Conference brings together professionals to “re-humanise” Design  

In these times when sophisticated software is appearing every day under the pretext of making people’s work easier and machines are increasingly taking over human tasks, including, it seems, that of creating, the DEZAINE Conference calls for “re-humanising”.

One can understand, according to DEZAINE, that the intention is to enter the world of creatives and their companies, to realise how far we have come in these “mechanical” times. Computers, mobile phones, autonomous cars, space travel, smart cities, the internet – how is all this influencing human action and behaviour.

To be noted by the speakers – more than 15, from various countries – acting in the various segments that are not exclusive to Design, complement and help to understand the functioning of societies and the interests, consumption, trends of humans. Photography, audiovisual, architecture, poetry and social sciences, including anthropology, are the areas that some of the invited professionals occupy.

The DEZAINE Conference, organised by Design Talk and DEZAINE magazine, is an international event created in 2019 to celebrate and reflect on contemporary design from Maputo.

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