ANDI: the robot that can sweat, breathe and feel cold

It looks like a mannequin, but it’s much more than that. Scientists at Arizona State University (ASU), USA, have developed what is the first robot capable of sweating, breathing, walking, generating heat and feeling cold – all to give insights about the impact of heat waves on the human body.

Named ANDI, the “thermal mannequin” is made up of 35 individually controlled surfaces with pores that perspire like those of humans, and was designed by USA company Thermetrics.

In addition, this is the first robot that can be used outdoors, although the team has built 10 other androids to test clothes, which are already being used by companies in that field.

ANDI thus allows experiments previously impossible in extreme heat to be carried out, as well as studies on the impact of solar radiation. The aim is then to design solutions, including technologies to protect against heatstroke and heat-related deaths.

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