AI and holography bring 3D augmented reality to normal glasses

Researchers in the emerging field of spatial computing have developed a prototype augmented reality headset that uses holographic images to superimpose colourful 3D moving images onto the lenses of what would appear to be an ordinary pair of glasses. 

Unlike the bulky headsets of current augmented reality systems, the new approach offers a visually satisfying 3D viewing experience in a compact, comfortable and attractive format suitable for all-day use.

Although only a prototype for now, the technology could transform fields ranging from gaming and entertainment to training and education – anywhere computer images can enhance or inform a user’s understanding of the world around them.

The researchers used Artificial Intelligence to improve the depth signals in holographic images. Then, using advances in nanophotonics and waveguide display technologies, the researchers were able to project computed holograms onto the lenses of glasses without relying on bulky additional optics.

The research and engineering team of introduce their device in a paper in the journal Nature.

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