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Are you I?

Life-long dream of MFF founder, Rui, a paper magazine, a book-object, a collectible. On innovation and creativity, based in Maputo, disseminated Africa and world-wide, in English, Portuguese and French. 


It needed a name. 

Mundzuku. Tomorrow in Changana. Abandoned because part of another project. Then it was MAPUTO. The city that allowed MFF to finally become. Through a city, a country and a continent that constantly inspires innovation, creativity, rebellion and inventiveness.

Rui had taken us on board in his dream, and we all wanted the name to carry this Magazine beyond its borders, a Magazine that would be intelligent, new, creative, vibrant and international. Issued from Maputo to the world.


“RUI” was suggested. No… How would that sound in English? 


R.U.I…. Are you I? Did you hear it? 

Like a reverse Ubuntu. 


A discreet tribute, a quiet force, always present and open to all words and ideas.


R for Radical, free Radical, Rui’s last theme. A dissident, activist, punk and rebel theme; an intoxicating theme. 

U, as in Ubuntu, as in I am you. I am because we are.

I, for Innovative, for Inventor, for Infinite. 

R.U.I., Are you I?