Mozambican artist with work at Marvel

His name is Marco Rudy, he is Mozambican, illustrator and creator of comics. He
lives in Canada and since 2016 he has been working as a professional, having been
involved in projects in reference companies in the area of comics, among them, the
giant that was notable for creating heroes and villains of the cinema.
The latest edition of Mozambican technology magazine, Kabum Digital, profiles
Marco Rudy. The artist was recently involved in the creation of Marvel Comics’
Winter Soldier.
Marco Rudy began his career in 2007 working for Image Comics on the title After the
Cape. After a short period working for Boom Studios, he was hired by DC Comics in
2008 to work on the Final Crisis project and later worked on titles such as Justice
League of America
, The Shield, Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape , among others.
Marco Rudy’s work has spanned prominent genre imprints such as Image, Dark
Horse, Boom, Marvel and DC Comics. He wrote and painted his graphic novel RDW –
A Tale of Lost Fantasy – VOL 01, a book nominated for the Bedelys prize award at
the twenty-third edition of the Montreal Comics Festival in 2022.

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