Black Rock 2023-2024 welcomes 16 artists in residence in Senegal

The Black Rock residency programme in Senegal will host a group of 16 artists
from different practices from around the world in the edition starting in August
2023 until May 2024.
The residency will host the artists in differentiated periods lasting from one to
three months, at the Black Rock complex in the capital Dakar, which offers
multi-storey flats and private studios, as well as a spa, gym, swimming pool and
Among Black Rock’s 16 residents from 2023-24 are painters, sculptors,
photographers, filmmakers, authors and composers – though most fall into the
obscure category of multidisciplinary.

Named after the volcanic rocks that cover its coastline, Black Rock is a
multidisciplinary artist residency programme founded by renowned artist
Kehinde Wiley in 2019.

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