Artificial Intelligence to protect Earth is in the making

IBM and NASA have announced an alliance that will serve to create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) capable of analysing data from scientific missions on Earth. The goal is to predict the evolution of issues such as deforestation, impact on crops and also emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

The model that will be the basis of this AI(in pt.) will be ‘open source’, which means that all interested parties will have access and will be able not only to make suggestions for improvement, but also to use them in their own projects. The alliance also includes HuggingFace, which will be in charge of hosting the AI model.

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organisation recently said that technological advances could help identify at-risk populations, trigger warnings and assess damage. AI could be key in that process.In agriculture, AI is already being used to maximise crop yields and reduce environmental impact. AI can be used to collect and analyse data (in pt.) on soil quality, helping to identify areas that need improvement and track changes over time.

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