Digital Art Fair showcases generative art and Artificial Intelligence creations

Hong Kong is hosting the leading web 3.0 art fair, with a space that promises to raise debate about the limits of artistic creation: the advanced immersive zone with generative art and Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, the Digital Art Fair has the ability to showcase innovative forms of digital fine art and to be a platform for artists who push the boundaries of creativity and technology. 

The event, which takes place from October 19th to 23rd with five venues in Hong Kong, stands out for presenting cutting-edge technologies such as animation, moving image, video art, AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), 360 immersive room, digital projection mapping and NFT blockchain technology.  

In the Immersive Zone, visitors will be able to experience optical illusions created by 3D animations; the Inspire Zone, brings together global and local artists working on Web3.0 technologies; the Prestige Zone, presents the work of leading digital artists such as David Ariew from New York, Andrea Bonaceto from Italy, Henry Chu and Genesis Kai from Hong Kong, and; the Pioneer Zone, which highlights five up-and-coming digital artists selected for the first Pioneer Prize. This prize, which will be announced on October 20th, includes an artist residency programme in Bali, as well as mentoring and exhibition opportunities.

Digital Art Fair, founded in 2020, is the world’s first Web 3.0 Fine Art Fair with a focus on innovative art created for all demographic groups who wish to appreciate, create and collect digital and NFT Fine Art. With a vision to nurture and inspire a new generation of art collectors to embrace the use of digital technology to explore the beauty of art and culture.

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